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The Lambretta was a line of motor scooters originally manufactured in Milan, Italy, by Innocenti but also manufactured, under license by Société Industrielle de Troyes" (S.I.T.) in France, NSU in Germany, Serveta in Spain, API in India, Pasco in Brazil, Auteca in Colombia, and Siambretta in Argentina. In 1972, the Indian government bought the Milanese factory and the rights to the Lambretta name, creating Scooters India Limited, or SIL. Today, the Innocenti brand name rights are owned by Fiat, where as the Lambretta, and Lambro, brand names are owned by SIL and are licensed to many companies who want association with the iconic brand, including: Taiwanese manufactured scooters; Indian light vehicle engines; British fashion clothing; and Chinese

File:Lambretta LI 150 series 2 (200) Scooter.jpg

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