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Vespa PX 150

vespa px150 scooters usaVespa PX 150
No need to adjust your monitor, and no, you haven't gone back in time. This is the real deal, the original, the legendary, the classic PX, back in the U.S. after a 20+ year hiatus.* These brand new Vespas may have just come off the production line, but they're classic PX. Maintaining its original design and technical innovation, it is the only choice for those who want the traditional four-speed gear shift and a design that never goes out of style.

High quality pressed steel monococque
Manual, four-speed transmission
Rear foot break
150cc, single cylinder, two-stroke, engine
Standard spare wheel
Electric and kick starter

Please contact us for more details about the Vespa PX150

This beloved icon is being relaunched by Piaggio in the American market in a numbered, limited edition named PX 150 Serie America. Starting in November, 500 of these beauties, each marked with its own number, will be available in Vespa's classic vintage green at dealers around the United States.
(This model will not be available in California.)

The relaunched version of the Vespa PX incorporates new technology but has maintained its original, unique design appeal. It demonstrates post-modern, elegant, minimal styling without nostalgia. It continues the unmatched combination of practical design with reliable technical underpinnings and competitive pricing that have proven unbeatable for longer than a quarter of a century.

vespa px150 for sale vespa  px150 for sale vespa px150 for sale
History of Vespa PX150
A quarter of a century provides a tableau for a range of human events.

In the autumn of 1977 Piaggio Group launched a radically new Vespa model with a modern design and advanced technology. Called the PX, this scooter was a 125cc road warrior that cost about $450. Soon after, the 125 was joined by 150cc and 200cc displacement models. The PX 150 became the post popular Vespa model of all time.

For the original launch of the Vespa PX, Piaggio Group, the parent company of the Vespa brand, made a huge wooden model of the classic scooter, more than 12 feet tall. The model can be seen today at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera in Tuscany, not far from Florence.
But the Vespa PX's records-breaking performance doesn't stop at the giant model or the huge sales figures. Giorgio Bettinelli, an Italian traveler and writer, has logged about 160,000 miles (254,000 kilometers) in journeys all over the world on his Vespa PX during the course of four trips. That stands as the record for distance traveled on a PX.

In 1980 two Vespa PX 200s, ridden by M. Simonot and B. Tcherniawsky, reached the finish line of the second Paris-Dakar rally. Four-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner Henri Pescarolo helped the French team put together by Jean-François Piot.

In 1981 Piaggio stopped selling Vespas in the United States. It would be nearly 20 years before Vespas would be sold in America again. And eager fans waited until 2004 for the return of the Vespa PX 150 - a joyful reunion and re-introduction.

Vespa PX 150 Culture
Born in 1977, the Vespa PX is one of the few two-wheeled vehicles in the world that generates passion and pleasure of possession. The PX has been called a "true, immortal classic," an icon of Italian design and style recognized around the world.

Within the Vespa product line, the PX stands like a perpetual standard among vehicles - a myth for anyone who aspires to understand the Vespa experience, complete with the uniquely traditional manual gear change and the unmistakable mark of the Vespa spare wheel.

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